Treating rhinitis in children

Treatment of nasal diseases in children shall not happen without such simple, but effective procedure as nasal lavage. The safest and easiest way for doing it is to use mineral-vegetable "Dolphin" kit.

Runny nose is the most frequent disease in children. There are several prerequisites for that:

  1. Particular design and qualities of the nose, nasopharynx and sinuses;
  2. Immature immune system;
  3. Numerous contacts with other children (at kindergartens, at schools, etc.);
  4. Enlarged adenoids or chronic adenoiditis;
  5. Frequent allergic diseases.

Runny nose can be a symptom of such diseases as maxillary sinusitis (inflammation of maxillary sinuses), adenoiditis (chronic inflammation of adenoids or pharyngeal tonsil), allergic rhinitis (caused by pollen or other allergens), infectious rhinitis (caused by viruses or bacteria), etc.

Children aged from 2 to 10 usually have inflammation of adenoids as a cause for the runny nose.

Adenoids themselves cannot be a reason for the disease because they are found in all children of any age, and are needed for protection from the hazardous environment. What matters, is the size of adenoids and whether they have chronic inflammation. Treatment (either conservative or surgical) is required only for the cases of chronic inflammation and when adenoids are enlarged.

Parents can suspect that their child has problems relating to adenoids when the following signals are noted:

  • Obstruction of nasal breathing; the child regularly or constantly cannot breath through the nose, sleeps or keeps awake with the open mouth, or the child wheezes or snores during sleep;
  • Frequent colds (including rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis, quinsy, common cold, pharyngitis, tracheitis, etc.);
  • Diminished hearing; the child regularly asks to repeat what has been said, cannot hear well when addressed or does not react at all;
  • Frequent inflammations of the middle ear;
  • The child speaks nasally or there is recognized a language dysfunction.

"Dolphin" is a compound set of minerals of the Ancient Ocean and herbal extracts from the Altai Highlands. The unique and ecologically clean contents of "Dolphin" means are safe and recommended for children from the age of 4. The use of "Dolphin" kit will help to eliminate the harmful secretion from the nose and nasopharynx along with the allergens, viruses and bacteria; it will also eliminate inflammation, decrease the size of adenoids and improve nasal respiration.

Besides, nasal lavage with mineral-vegetable kit "Dolphin" will effectively prevent viral respiratory infections, which are most widely found in children.

You ask:

  1. From which age is it suitable to use "Dolphin" with children?
    During the clinical trials it was indicated to start using "Dolphin" kit with 2-3 years old children. The technique does not frighten children, and is convenient for little children who frequently have health problems; the technique is especially good for children with high nervous irritability and chronic diseases of the nose and nasopharynx.
  2. How long can children be treated with "Dolphin" kit applied for nasal douche?
    It is because "Dolphin" powder is absolutely physiological, i.e. fully corresponds to the contents of biological fluids found in human body, it is possible to perform nasal douche with "Dolphin" as long period of time, as you wish, even merely for hygienic purposes.

Tatyana A. Babich

Tatyana A. Babich
ENT doctor, highest qualification

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